Breaking Legs - CHRIS KATTAN - Featured in 2017 Lineup of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars will return Monday, March 20, with a celebrity cast including Mr. T, Charo, Chris Kattan and Nancy Kerrigan.


Chris Kattan - Dancing With the Stars

Review Of “Breaking Legs” Finding The Strength To Follow Ones Dreams

We all have gone through the awkward and frustrating situation of having to move to a new town, start anew in a strange new house, meet new friends and go to a new school. For some this process was not as traumatic as it was for others. Simply put if you were one of the popular people then you were in. For those who did not get the keys to the kingdom life could be downright horrible. Dealing with the high school class system and hierarchy. Everyday was one to dread. Even though those high school years are light years away for most of us; the memories still remain strong, powerful and sometimes very painful. Writer/Director Mark Marchillo’s film “Breaking Legs” which was shot on 16mm film has captured the essence of what it is like being a frustrated, helpless teenager who dreams of more.


Sierra Views: Director returns home

Mark Marchillo is a homegrown star who has returned to Tuolumne County to direct his first feature film, inspired by his own life. Marchillo was born in San Mateo but moved to Twain Harte as an infant with his family, where he grew up watching movies and dreaming of being in them. When his older sisters enrolled in dance classes, he joined them, stuck with it and used his skills get his foot in the door of theater. At 10, he started working at Columbia Actors' Repertory, which occupied the Fallon House Theatre before it was under the auspices of Sierra Repertory Theatre. He also danced at a dance theater in Modesto and was in several local plays. As a teen, he attended Summerville High School, though it was before the opening of Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy, which now shares the campus - and would've been an obvious match for Marchillo. "I think for the most part, I was the only one doing (dance and theater). There were very, very few of us kids trying to work within the theater at that point," he said.


Grand Rapids Film Festival celebrates the power of film

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - For the past eight years, the Grand Rapids Film Festival has taken a community oriented approach to celebrating film and its makers.

According to their website, The Grand Rapids Film Festival aims to increase regional access to and overall production of quality films that provide meaningful, constructive and encouraging entertainment while harnessing the transformative power of film.

President and CEO, Jen Shaneberger, Producer Micah Brandt and Filmmaker, Richard Turke joined My West Michigan with a preview of the festival.



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